Saturday, 26 March 2011


So, I've finally taken the plunge and purchased an internet tablet. Surprisingly it's ended up being the first generation iPad.

I'd been waiting for the iPad2 announcement from Apple and the Motorola Xoom to arrive on market before making a decision on what tablet to buy. I was really expecting the Xoom wifi to hit the market at around the £400 mark, undercutting the iPad. I was wrong, Motorola went and priced themselves out of the market at a whopping £500. Then the big bombshell hit, as Apple announced the iPad 2 and in doing so they also announced that they were cutting £100 from the price of the iPad. Suddenly the iPad was well below the price I was willing to pay and very desirable.

I had a couple of things to overcome before coughing up the money for the pad. Firstly is the fact that I've invested in the Google and Android way of doing things. I've spent a bit of cash on Android apps and most of my online life is spent using Google services. I have blogger, gmail, picasa, docs, reader etc. as my "web apps". Then I have things purchased on Android that I'd loathe purchasing again on iOS. Doing some research calmed my nerves and I decided that things would be pretty compatible.
The other thing putting me off was iTunes. Now to say I'm not a fan would be an understatement. iTunes for me has traditionally caused me problems on my PCs over the years. Before I eventually vowed to never install it again. So after some thinking and speaking to Kie and Gro, I decided that iTunes shouldn't cause me so much anguish.

So with these niggles overcome, I decided that it made sense to have an iOS device in order to have some knowledge of that platform.

So in my hands right now is my first generation iPad wifi 16GB. I must admit that it's a cracking piece of kit. It's very portable and easy to use, thus far totally replacing my laptop. I've even written this blog post using the pad.