Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sky+ HD

After hearing that Formula 1 would be broadcast in HD this season I decided to bite the bullet and get Sky+ HD. I must point out that the experience of ordering and having Sky+ HD installed was excellent. I ordered on the Friday and I was watching HD content on Tuesday morning. On a slightly unhappy note, I think that the extra £10 per month is an outrage and has been the main reason I've not upgraded to HD before now. The things I do for F1! :)

Of all the content I've watched on the Sky box since I've had it installed, football seems to be the most improved. I've personally always found footie to be hard to watch on TV up until now. Never really having a clue who was kicking the ball at one time. HD is totally different, you can read the names on the shirt, see facial expressions from distance and even tell what pattern and texture the football shirts consist of. I really can't wait to see this kind of stuff in motorsport and Formula 1 in particular. I'm really anticipating some amazing content, I think crashes will look spectacular.

Other than the much improved picture from the Sky+ HD box, the actual "plus" features of the box are great too. Recording individual programs, entire series, pausing live TV and accessing the "anytime" content makes TV viewing much more enjoyable. It's something that I never really ever wanted too much, but already I've series linked quite a few shows. My problems has always been that I find it inconvenient to watch TV at specified times. Watching it when I want has allowed me to do what I want and not worry about missing an episode of my favorite program.

With my 40" LED TV, Sky+ HD, amp and speakers at the ready, I really can't wait to experience F1 in HD when they arrive in Bahrain in March!!

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