Saturday, 28 August 2010

No more water leak.. I hope

I went out yesterday and bought some clear silicone to plug the hole in the boot of my five. It seems to have done the trick, we had a rain shower earlier today and the boot has remained water free. I've since put the dried carpet back in and I'm glad to say, the boot is back to normal. Still thinking of giving it more of a test with a bucket of water, so lets hope it passes with flying colours. :)

Sadly, not such good news on the tyre front. I had the tyre examined yesterday and there is a nail through the tyre in a place that can't be patched up. After speaking to the guys at the tyre fitters they say I won't need to replace both of the front tyres, as the other one is pretty new. So for a replacement Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 it's going to cost £160. Got the tyre ordered for fitting on Wednesday.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Car problems

Having a couple of issues with the MX-5 at the moment, tyre and boot.

We've had heavy rain this week and found my boot to be flooded with water. I've seen a few splashes of water in there a few times before, but I've thought nothing of it up to now as that's all they were, splashes. What I've come across this week is a good soaking of the carpet the boot.

This morning I found where the water was coming from. It's coming from the joints where the centre brake light cluster is attached to the top of the boot. There are some plastic grommets that hold the light cluster to the car and these don't appear to be water tight, especially on the drivers side. I've spoken to a few people and they've all suggested that I seal the hole with silicone sealant. I wanted to get it done tonight, but as it's still wet outside I've not been able to do it. It's best to apply the sealant to a dry surface.

In the mean time I've taken the soaking carpet out of the boot. I really do mean soaking, it was dripping wet as I took it out and a large puddle of water was left in the boot area. So I've dried out the boot with a towel and let the water run out of the carpet. I've now got the carpet sitting in my airing cupboard with the heater on to dry.

The other problem I've got is that I've found out that I have a slow puncture in the front drivers side tyre. I filled it with air two or three weeks ago after I noticed it was low. Checked the tire again today and it's gone down from 29psi to 21psi... A trip out to get the puncture repaired is in order after work tomorrow. That'll be a boring hour sitting and waiting for them to repair it. Gutted.

Hope these are both quick and easy to get fixed, I don't want to spend another £250 replacing tyres. God only knows how much it would be to fix the leak if the silicone doesn't do the job too.

Wish me luck :)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

It has been a while...

I haven't updated this blog since I signed up to blogger. After looking over the site a little more I've changed things around. First off I've re-directed the blog to my domain. Then I've updated the page template and used my own photo as the background.

The current photo is from Silverstone two weeks ago. I was there with the MX-5 Owners Club and the photo is of all the owners cars. Had a good day out with my nephew Harry. It was his first motorsport event and he really enjoyed it, especially seeing loads of supercars!

We were supposed to be able to go out on track with the other owners MX-5s, but the event organisers stopped us. Harry didn't meet the age requirements for going out on track. It's really stupid as doing 40mph around a track with single file traffic isn't exactly dangerous. Put a bit of a downer on a really good day out.