Monday, 29 March 2010

HTC Desire

My current phone (HTC Touch Diamond2) is really starting to annoy me. A couple of weeks ago it decided that it doesn't want to play the loudspeaker while plugged into the power. Major issue when I was about to go on a trip in my car using the GPS software! In the end I had to run it on battery power and "just" made it to my destination. The other issue I've had is that it randomly will not play my ring tone when someone calls. It's not every time, just every now and again. I updated the ROM last week and it didn't solve either issue.

So I've just gone and pre-ordered myself a HTC Desire Android 2.1 phone from handtec. Due for release on April 7th, I'm very much looking forwards to getting my hands on it. The reviews that I've read so far have been very good. I'm really surprised that the price is under £400, especially when the phone is basically the same as the Nexus One that is retailing for over £500. Bargain!

New weblog

I'm just testing out blogger as a blogging service. Tempted to put out my musings about various things here. We'll see.